Jennifer Matteo

Jennifer Matteo

Intuitive Guide & Life Coach

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Jennifer is a third-generation intuitive, realizing her own intuitive abilities at the age of three. Her paternal lineage includes mediums and tea-leaf reading intuitives. Her gifts were recognized by her family when she was ten years old; she has been honing her skills for more than 20 years.

Jennifer not only helps others with her intuitive gifts; in May 2017 her insights helped to save her mother's life. Sensing her mother was very ill, Jennifer packed up, quit her job, and raced across the country, arriving in time to support her mother's recovery from a near-fatal heart attack and kidney failure. Her mother has returned to vibrant health with the assistance of dialysis.

Jennifer has studied with the Holistic Learning Center for Spiritual Life, deepening her knowledge as a student of its life-coaching program. She is a certified tarot reader and a member of the Tarot Guild. She also is studying her grandmother's personal notes and tea sets to refine her own tea-leaf-reading abilities.

Jennifer has worked as a licensed orthodontic assistant in Minnesota for fifteen years while also mastering her intuitive talents professionally. She enjoys yoga, practicing Kundalini, Yin, and Vinyasa. She has one brother, one half-sister and two step-siblings, and an adopted daughter. In her free time, Jennifer loves spending time with her family and her dog, Jack. She also enjoys meditation, exercise, reading, music, and cooking.

Intuitive Reading & Coaching Pricing

Intuitive Reading, 20 minutes, $40
Intuitive Reading & Coaching, 30 minutes, $65
Intuitive Reading & Coaching, 60 minutes, $120


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