Paulo Woods

Paulo Woods

Massage Therapy

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Paulo graduated from the massage-therapy program at Lake Superior College in Duluth where he integrated his love and understanding of yoga and meditation into each massage to offer very individualized and therapeutic sessions. One of his greatest understandings of life is this: "Not one shoe size fits all.” He does his very best to honor that understanding on his massage table. Paulo has collected stories of helping his clients through physical aches and pains that have been acquired from either accident, stress, inefficient body postures, and other challenges. Paulo calls on his evolving intuition to serve his clients and is grateful for every opportunity to also assist with their emotional/spiritual evolution. Paulo provides therapeutic massage inspired by Swedish techniques with great ability to apply as much pressure as needed. His intention is to continue to build a body of healing stories.

Paulo is also a yoga teacher. He was first was inspired to get onto his mat by one of his most-admired and adored human beings, his baby sister, who seemed to instinctively know yoga poses. Paulo found challenge and connection in linking breath with movement during his first practice and knew yoga would forever be a significant part of his life. He then moved to Maui for a time where he had some memorable practices in solitude with the Pacific Ocean as his witness. Soon after returning home to Minnesota, Paulo completed his RYT 200 training with CorePower in 2013. (One of his teachers, Lisa Bloom, happened to remind Paulo of his baby sister; Joel Klauser was the other.) Since then, Paulo has enjoyed guiding uplifting classes for teens and adults. Paulo continues to broaden his knowledge and is currently working towards becoming a certified Ayurveda Practitioner at the Minnesota Institute of Ayurveda.


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