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6-month program

Lakeville Green Lotus


lazy i ranch immersion

Lazy I Ranch, Clayton, Wisconsin


4-month program

Shanti Yoga Center, St Cloud, Minnesota


6-month program

Annandale Green Lotus


summer immersion

Mendota Heights Green Lotus


9-month program

Mendota Heights Green Lotus

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The 3 Pillars of Green Lotus 240-Hour Training Programs

The 3 pillars make up each of our 240-hour teacher training programs creating a solid foundation for those on the path of deep yoga study and those who are preparing to teach.

Pillar One - The Beginning Foundation

  • Basic evolution, history, and philosophy of yoga

  • Pranayama and the use of breath as a transformative tool

  • Yoga lifestyle

  • Art of meditation - developing deeper levels of awareness

Pillar Two- The Asanas

  • Knowledge of basic and advanced asanas (postures)

  • Basic human physical and energy-based anatomy and physiology

  • The asanas: alignment, healthy and safe movement patterns, benefits, contraindications

  • How to read bodies - physically and energetically

  • Verbal and physical adjustments

Pillar Three- The Teacher

  • Development of a safe and respectful community in your class

  • Teaching techniques and learning styles

  • Verbal and physical adjustments

  • Development and communication of a balanced and well-sequenced class that teaches and inspires

  • Ethics of the yoga teacher

  • The business of yoga

  • What does it mean to earn a living as a yoga teacher? Open your own studio? Invest in a studio? marketing tools and models to assist you?

  • Practice teaching

  • Apprenticeship - learn by watching and assisting certified teachers

  • Peer teaching - lots of teaching in a supportive environment


I've been involved in physical fitness all my life.  Football, weight-lifting, running, Tae Kwon Do, and Kung Fu. A good friend suggested I try yoga. Fifteen minutes into the class I realized yoga was my calling. Within a week I found Green Lotus. I knew I was home. After two years of practice I decided to become an instructor.  Green Lotus's instructors are very professional and give you the one-on-one support to help you become a true yogi. My yoga journey at Green Lotus has fulfilled me physically, mentally, and spiritually.
~ Todd J.


200-Hour Senior Teacher-Training Faculty

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I truly believe Green Lotus's training changed the course of my life. I am so grateful for the people I met at Green Lotus during the training, the training itself, and the solid knowledge of yoga I now have. You are wonderful, amazing people - thank you!
~ Alicia H


Pricing and Payment Options

A $300 deposit is required to save your spot in the training.

Complete Series Investment - $2900*

Save $200 with early bird pricing!
($2700 payment in full must be made 60 days before first day of training)

This price includes:

  • 240 hours of yoga training: 180 hours of in-classroom training (contact hours) and 60 hours of out-of-class study (non-contact hours)

  • 20% discount on retail (10% books -during training sessions only)

  • 10% discount on continuing education credit (CEC) classes post graduation

  • Green Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Manual

  • Access to 100+ training videos that cover alignment, languaging, sequencing, and more

  • CPR certification

Payment Options

  • Pay in Full - with early bird pricing and save $200, total: $2700. Requires full payment 60 days before the first day of training. Total due without early bird pricing: $2900

  • Automatic Monthly Payments - $300 deposit plus monthly payments auto-paid on the first of the month, total: $2900

    • 9-month program: $260 per month

    • 6-month program: $433.33 per month

    • 4-month program: $650 per month

    • Immersion programs: $866.67 per month

  • Pay by Module - $300 deposit plus three payments of $866.67, total: $2900

*The price does not include required books other than provided manual. Training may qualify for state-funded worker-retraining programs - contact the Minnesota Department of Human Services or a state unemployment office for assistance.

Required Books and Materials

  • Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope

  • The Best Guide to Meditation by Victor N. Davich

  • The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book by Kelly Solloway and Samantha Stutzman

Our vision for our teacher training programs:

  • Green Lotus acknowledges the student who wants to deepen her or his yoga practice for personal reasons, and the student whose ultimate goal lies in yoga-teacher certification.

  • Green Lotus' teacher-training guarantees you personalized attention in a small-group setting where you will get to know the faculty well and form deep bonds with instructors and classmates alike. Each student is assigned one of the senior faculty members as a personal adviser to have a steady hand of support.

  • Green Lotus’ curriculum includes study of anatomy, both physical and energetic, yoga philosophy, sequencing and transitions, principles of more than 100 poses, meditation, boundaries and ethics, and business practices. When you complete this program, you will be equipped to teach multiple styles of yoga to multiple levels of students.

  • Green Lotus is committed to the success of every student, encouraging self-reflection, self-inquiry, and self-discovery culminating in personal transformation.

  • Green Lotus offers life-affirming, convenient options and various formats - all with the same great content and experience faculty. Upon completion of any of these programs, students will have completed 240 hours of study -- this includes 180 hours of in-classroom training (contact hours) and 60 hours of out-of-class study (non-contact hours).

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Green Lotus adapts to your needs by offering life-friendly unique programs. All programs fulfill the requirements of the Yoga Alliance 200-hour RYT certification and are licensed by the State of Minnesota Higher Education. Various program formats are offered. Same dynamic, deep content. Same dedicated, caring faculty. Same balance of rigor and encouragement. Become a yoga teacher, it will change your life.

Wise question: Why should I choose Green Lotus' teacher-training and advanced yoga-studies programs?

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Our answer: Ask our graduates. You will find them teaching throughout Minnesota, this country, and in other parts of the globe - in schools, businesses, yoga centers, parks, hospitals, clinics, churches, and homes - and at all Green Lotus locations. You will find them on their own mats, still exploring, still practicing, still curious. This is why students who search for the best yoga teacher-training programs in Minnesota and beyond select Green Lotus. 

Our accomplished graduates will tell you this: The Green Lotus program is intimate, challenging, supportive, lively and fun, flexible, meaningful, modern, respectful, and life-changing. They will talk of deep friendships woven among the other students, of goals met and exceeded, of support freely given and accepted, of being there for each other when life happens, of being able to find teaching positions. They will speak of relationships with faculty members who give their support long after graduation ceremonies and celebrations.


Apply to any of our 200-hour programs here and now